Patio Construction in Gastonia, Charlotte and Belmont

A gorgeous patio should not just be reserved for private homes and residences. Upgrading your commercial space with a patio is a very smart business investment. Patios can serve a multitude of purposes. The most obvious being a great place for sitting, eating or relaxing. Beyond just that, patios are a great way to treat both your customers and your employees to a great space that encourages networking, relaxation, and enjoyment. Patios can be customized to suit a variety of needs. They can be transformed into lush urban green spaces or modern zen oases.  At Pearson Construction and Services Inc, we have proudly provided professional patio construction, design, repair, and installation services to commercial clients for many years. Thousands of satisfied customers have already upgraded their businesses with a beautiful patio. What are you waiting for?

Building a Green Patio Space

Our patio designers have created many beautiful green spaces for our customers to enjoy. Incorporating a green patio space in your commercial space is a great way to encourage your clients and employees to take some time for themselves and enjoy a quiet moment on the patio. Green spaces have a natural feel to them and incorporate lots of lush plants and natural woods to make nature come alive in the comfort of your own commercial space.

Brick Patios

Since brick is cost-effective, easy to clean and even easier to maintain, brick is a very popular patio material. Brick comes in a multitude of finishes and colors to suit your space and style perfectly.

Concrete Patios

This eco-friendly option is perfect for those modern spaces. Rooftop patios, hotels, bars, and restaurants are all spaces where concrete patios can be installed.

Versatile Commercial Patios

There are many ways to implement the use of your brand new patio. The following are just a few ideas:

Staff Area

Incorporating a patio in your commercial space for your staff to use and enjoy on their lunch breaks or even during their meetings is a great way to boost productivity and well being in your business. It is proven that adding greenery and nature to a commercial setting relaxes and increases the enjoyment of your employees and customers!

Restaurant Patio

Adding an outdoor dining area allows the diners and guests at your restaurant to enjoy the ambiance of your establishment while also enjoying the beautiful warm weather. Not to mention, it adds more seating which means the potential for more income for your business. We are adept at helping you to acquire all of the necessary permits.

Shopping Mall Patio

Making use of your retail center’s outdoor space is a great way to attract guests and encourage them to stay a while. These spaces can be used by shoppers as places to sit down and relax or to enjoy a quick bite during their shopping experience. As you can see, there are many options available for patios. Call us today and find out more.