Commercial Acoustical Ceilings

If you are looking for a ceiling contractor who provides the best ceiling tile installation services, look no further than Pearson Construction and Services Inc. Our ceiling tiles have the perfect combination of sound absorption and sound blocking characteristics.

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Are You Looking for a Commercial Ceiling Contractor Who Understands Your Company?

Whether you work in a factory, an agricultural facility, an office, or a school, one thing is certain: things can get pretty noisy during the workday. And it's not just the people to your left and right that are creating disturbances, either. It is the people who are above you and below you. Heck, your heavy steps might even be disturbing the people below you!

If you're looking to reduce that noise pollution and improve the quality of your workday, you've probably been thinking about suspended ceiling tiles, or drop ceiling. Well-installed drop ceiling works great at both absorbing and blocking sounds and has a reputation for making those manic Mondays feel a little more mellow.

Business owners near and far only have one ceiling contractor they trust, and that's us. For the best selection of high-grade ceiling tiles, call us today.

We Are the Suspended Ceiling Contractors Who Have Everything You Need

With our services you can always expect:

  • Free No-Obligation Consultations
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  • Wide Selection of Acoustical Panels
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Offices, Kitchens, Warehouses, and More: Commercial Ceiling Contractors for Any Job

Different types of facilities call for a different approach to ceiling soundproofing. An office might benefit from smooth, fissured, or textured panels that compliment your sleek workspace. Your factory or large kitchen might benefit from a suspension system.

Rest assured, we will provide whatever you need.

Our Ceiling Tiles Bring an Attractive Look While Blocking Out Sound

Ceiling tiles can't serve a practical function without also looking nice. If your office was fitted with unsightly panels, how would that impact your company's image?

No Facility Downtime: We Promise Fast Turnarounds on All Drop Ceiling Projects

As business owners ourselves, we know how disruptive a team of acoustical ceiling contractors can be to day-to-day operations. We're here to tell you not to worry about any delays or setbacks. We'll work quickly without sacrificing a shred of quality!

Our Acoustic Ceiling Tiles Have High NRC Ratings!

Through us, you can purchase acoustical tiles with ratings of 0.70 or higher. For the uninitiated, any tile with an NRC rating of 0.70 or greater will block out more noise than you ever thought possible.