Commercial HVAC in Gastonia, Charlotte and Belmont

In today’s world, almost all commercial, industrial and government buildings are required to include properly working HVAC systems. These can range from simple, portable HVAC units, to more sophisticated industrial heating and cooling systems that work to control air temperature in large spaces. HVAC is an abbreviated term for heating, cooling and air conditioning. If you are a commercial or industrial business owner, you are most likely familiar with these terms. It is required by law for commercial and industrial spaces to have regulated and quality controlled air quality and temperature systems that make these spaces safe to inhabit and work in.

A Commercial HVAC Company You Can Trust

At Pearson Construction and Services Inc, we have specialized in providing our commercial clients with long-lasting HVAC services that work. Many companies embellish their pricing and take advantage of the fact that many business owners don’t have the time or energy to fully understand HVAC systems and how they work. At Pearson Construction and Services Inc, we proudly educate our clients and work in collaboration with them by educating, informing and explaining every step of the HVAC process with them. In this way, it enables our clients to be informed and confident every step of the way, thereby building trust and satisfaction and a symbiotic, mutually trusting relationship. We are committed to maintaining these relationships by meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations on every job that we take on.

The Job of a Commercial HVAC System

Proper air quality is an essential component of every commercial and industrial space. A working HVAC system that you can rely on will ensure the health, safety, and comfort of your customers and team members. Having a working HVAC system isThe role of a commercial HVAC unit is to provide the following:

Temperature Control

To ensure and maintain a comfortable temperature in every room in the building via a localized, easy to use control system.

Quality Air Circulation

To provide clean air to the occupants of the building that is free of any scent or other irritants.

Air Filtration

To remove allergens, toxins, contaminants, and dust in the air using various modern, high-tech industrial filtration systems.

Energy Efficiency

To be cost-effective so that the proprietor of the building is not overspending on energy bills.