Pearson Construction and Services Inc Service Areas

Bathroom Remodeling

Upgrading your commercial bathroom can be a big task. In most cases, it is best that bathroom remodeling of any kind be left to a qualified professional for superior results.


Commercial carpentry is the design, installation and execution of wood and other material structures, objects and forms. Roofs, floors, walls and cabinetry are all things that have to do with commercial carpentry.

Concrete Work

With many years of experience in the industry, we have proven ourselves as trusted concrete professionals ready to take on any task. We have a vast knowledge of how to properly and expertly work with the concrete material.


We are passionate about construction, which is why we have diversified and trained ourselves in many different areas of the industry. We have access to the necessary tools of the trade to get any job done.

Custom Cabinets

Cabinetry is an often-overlooked aspect that is very important in a household and also in a commercial setting. Without cabinetry, we would not have the proper place for things and there would be clutter everywhere. Imagine how disruptive your commercial space would become without the proper cabinetry to keep everything looking clean and organized?

Custom Countertops

Over the years, we have proven ourselves as the premier source for custom countertops. We are a team of qualified and experienced individuals who are passionate about the form, function and design of custom countertops.


Doors are a very important aspect to any business. Without them, we wouldn’t have any privacy or sound mediation in the places that we need them the most. Imagine a world without doors — we can’t either.

Electrical Work

If you are a local business owner, it’s inevitable that you’ll need electrical work done at some point during the life of your company. From blown fuses to the installation of new lighting systems, commercial electrical work is an inevitable part of business ownership for many.


At Pearson Construction and Services Inc, we specialize in the design, installation and reparation of commercial and industrial flooring systems. We are passionate about designing and installing floors of all types for our customers that are resilient and stand the test of time.


We’re the most recommended source for progressive solutions that won’t empty your wallet. Our framing process is smooth, streamlined, and available to every developer and commercial building team.

General Contractor

Customer service is the most important part of what we do. We make sure that we executer what our clients see in their mind’s eye as the finished result of the project. We always determine a job to be finished when our customer is 100% satisfied, otherwise we just keep on working.


Offered in aluminum, steel and copper, our industry-standard gutters fit a variety of different commercial and industrial buildings. No matter the type of construction, its size and its use, we will find the gutter and the type of fasteners that perfectly meet your needs and that will offer you an excellent quality-price ratio.


HVAC is not just our job, it’s our passion. We have experience installing furnaces, boilers, air conditioners, ventilation systems and refrigerators of all makes and models in homes and businesses

Kitchen Remodeling

Building a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen is essential to your food industry business. A commercial kitchen not only looks beautiful and is inspiring to work in, but can facilitate large-scale food production in a safe and sanitary environment.


A painted wall is more than just that—it’s the way in which you present the look and feel of your commercial space to your clients. A painted room articulates style and sophistication and a certain level of professionalism that an unpainted, unfinished wall doesn’t.

Patio Construction

A beautiful patio should not just be reserved for residential spaces. A patio can also be a wonderful addition to your commercial or industrial space. Patios serve as great ways to greet your potential clients.

Plumbing Construction

We offer many types of plumbing to commercial customers. We have been active plumbers for many years and have gathered a vast amount of experience and trade skills that are unmatched.


Siding comes in a variety of different materials and is chiefly used as a protective coating on the outside of your business structure. We will outline some of the more popular siding choices that our clients have favored in the following article.

Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is a very popular flooring solution option. Many companies and commercial business owners have already invested in installing tile floors and have been enjoying them greatly.

Wood Flooring

We have a passion for wood. We love the look, texture and history of creating a beautiful finished result using wood. We are passionate and driven to maintain our role as your premier source for all things wood flooring.